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Welcome to the Gates County
Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome to our new 2013 Members

Rison Painting

Tall Cotton Graphics

Bennetts Creek Guest House

Jon Mendenhall

Bagleys PM Inc

To new residents and visitors, welcome! Our website will help you learn more about our community and all the resources, amenities, and services that are available to you from Gates County businesses. Long-time residents will find it handy too. You may discover you don´t have to leave town to shop or find services, its right here in Gates County!

Our website also has valuable information for Gates County business owners and those planning to relocate, expand, or open a business here. Gates County is a great place to live, work, and full of opportunities for new businesses.

Be prepared to tell how you are doing, because that is the greeting phrase most used "How Ya Doin´". Yes, you may be waved at, as you pass through, but don´t take it personal, we are just being friendly folks.

We need your input. If you have an event that you want to post on our calendar, go to the calendar page and click on Submit New Event. Fill out the form and submit.

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